Hengstler tico 732 Multifunctional Counter 021-OBSOLETE

0 732 021

Hengstler tico 732 Multifunctional Counter 021, LED, 230 VAC/1V/1R1T, used in some Wemhöner presses. OBSOLETE

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  • OBSOLETE - Replaced by Hengstler Tico Multifunctional Counter 0 772 441
  • Very easy operation
  • LED or LCD display
  • Up to two presets
  • Prescaler 0.001 - 999.999

More Information

More Information
Description The Tico 732 stands out as a result of its versatility and its multifunctional ability as a counter with up to two presets, as a tachometer, timer, shift or batch counter. The voltage supply is either 12 to 24 volts DC, 24 volts AC, 115 volts AC or 230 volts AC. The 6-digit display is noticeably easy to read and is available as either an LCD or an LED display. The device offers many programming options, has an integrated totalizing counter and is equipped with a keypad locking function. Pulse evaluation can be freely selected.
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