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  1. Baumer LongLife DC Analogue Tachometer TDP0,2 LT-3 B3 55
  2. Anfield Pressure Transducer T201-400B-G-2-M2-4M-NT1
    Anfield Pressure Transducer T201-400B-G-2-M2-4M-NT1
    SKU#: T201-400B-G-2-M2-4M-NT1
  3. Hohner Incremental Rotary Encoder AWI58S-106R129-1024
  4. Hohner Incremental Rotary Encoder HWI80S-1161R129-100
  5. ifm DD0296 Evaluation Unit for Speed Monitoring
    ifm DD0296 Evaluation Unit for Speed Monitoring
    SKU#: ifm DD0296
    Special Price $58.00 Regular Price $428.00
  6. ifm E11509 Female Wirable Connector (Discontinued)
  7. ifm E12167 Female Cordset
    ifm E12167 Female Cordset
    SKU#: ifm E12167
  8. ifm E20717 Clamp
    ifm E20717 Clamp
    SKU#: ifm E20717
  9. ifm E21015 Reflective Tape
    ifm E21015 Reflective Tape
    SKU#: ifm E21015
  10. ifm E40124 Welding Adaptor for Process Sensor
    ifm E40124 Welding Adaptor for Process Sensor
    SKU#: ifm E40124
    Special Price $58.00 Regular Price $60.00
  11. ifm E80121 Plug-in Power Supply
    ifm E80121 Plug-in Power Supply
    SKU#: ifm E80121
  12. ifm EC2019 Inclination Sensor
    ifm EC2019 Inclination Sensor
    SKU#: ifm EC2019
  13. ifm EVC001 Female Cordset
    ifm EVC001 Female Cordset
    SKU#: ifm EVC001
  14. ifm EVC005 Female Cordset
    ifm EVC005 Female Cordset
    SKU#: ifm EVC005
  15. ifm EVC009 Female Cordset
    ifm EVC009 Female Cordset
    SKU#: ifm EVC009
  16. ifm EVC011 Connection Cable
    ifm EVC011 Connection Cable
    SKU#: ifm EVC011
  17. ifm EVC108 Connection Cable
    ifm EVC108 Connection Cable
    SKU#: ifm EVC108
  18. ifm EVC117 Connection Cable
    ifm EVC117 Connection Cable
    SKU#: ifm EVC117
  19. ifm EVC160 Connection Cable
    ifm EVC160 Connection Cable
    SKU#: ifm EVC160
  20. ifm EVC811 Female Wirable Connector
  21. ifm EVT007 Female Cordset
    ifm EVT007 Female Cordset
    SKU#: ifm EVT007
  22. ifm GM705S Inductive Sensor (Fail-Safe)
  23. ifm ID0039 Inductive Sensor
    ifm ID0039 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm ID0039
  24. ifm IE5288 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IE5288 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IE5288
  25. ifm IE5292 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IE5292 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IE5292
  26. ifm IE5298 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IE5298 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IE5298
  27. ifm IE5329 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IE5329 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IE5329
  28. ifm IE5340 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IE5340 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IE5340
  29. ifm IF5580 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IF5580 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IF5580
  30. ifm IF5647 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IF5647 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IF5647
  31. ifm IF5811 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IF5811 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IF5811
  32. ifm IF5928 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IF5928 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IF5928
  33. ifm IFS204 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IFS204 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IFS204
  34. ifm IFS206 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IFS206 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IFS206
  35. ifm IFS208 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IFS208 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IFS208
  36. ifm IG5526 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IG5526 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IG5526
  37. ifm IG5539 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IG5539 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IG5539
  38. ifm IG5772 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IG5772 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IG5772
  39. ifm IG5842 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IG5842 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IG5842
  40. ifm IGS204 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IGS204 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IGS204
  41. ifm IM5024 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IM5024 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IM5024
  42. ifm IM5123 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IM5123 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IM5123
  43. ifm IZ5036 Inductive Sensor
    ifm IZ5036 Inductive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm IZ5036
  44. ifm KD0024 Capacitive Sensor
    ifm KD0024 Capacitive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm KD0024
  45. ifm KD5018 Capacitive Sensor
    ifm KD5018 Capacitive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm KD5018
  46. ifm KG8500 Capacitive Sensor
    ifm KG8500 Capacitive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm KG8500
  47. ifm KI5207 Capacitive Sensor
    ifm KI5207 Capacitive Sensor
    SKU#: ifm KI5207
  48. ifm KT5002 Capacitive Touch Sensor
    ifm KT5002 Capacitive Touch Sensor
    SKU#: ifm KT5002
  49. ifm LMT121 Sensor for point level detection
  50. ifm MK5208 Cylinder Sensor (T-Slot)
    ifm MK5208 Cylinder Sensor (T-Slot)
    SKU#: ifm MK5208
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