euroTECH Suction Cup BSP 180 L, V+D NBR Gray with Baseplate

euroTECH flat suction cup BSP 180 L, V+D in NBR Gray (BSP.181.121.000), 180 mm, features a long rubber lip and an air chamber with a double seal. Includes suction cup, inner seal, aluminum baseplate and clamping clip.
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Lead Time 3-4 weeks
  • euroTECH part #: ? (old - BSP.181.121.000)

  • Style: Flat
  • Material: NBR Gray
  • Attachment: Clamp-on
  • Diameter: 180 mm
  • Stroke: 6 mm
  • Carrying capacity (vertical): 56 kg
  • Carrying capacity (horizontal): 112 kg
  • Weight: 1.870 kg

  • Suction Cup: B004221
  • Inner Seal: M004155
  • Baseplate: B002388
  • Clamping Clip: M004737

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More Information

More Information

The euroTECH flat suction cup BSP 180 L, V+D in NBR gray with baseplate comes with both a long sealing lip and an inner chamber seal (The large outer seal is secured with an clamping clip). The included aluminum baseplate comes pre-drilled with a centered hole 1/2" inside thread (for central compressed air feed through a suspension bolt) and a 1/2" vacuum feed connection that is 53 mm off center (1/2" x 1/4" reduction is installed). The inner compressed air camber is useful for plate separation and is perfectly suitable for thin or porous work pieces such as chip, MDF and OSB panels.

Suspension bolts are available in various sizes

Style Flat
Shape Round
Material NBR Grey
Baseplate Included Yes
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