euroTECH Suction Cup Assembly BSP 180,RL,A-P,NBR Black,20 x 175mm,1x G1/4" I,STR (MS) Ø 1,0 mm

B002341 BSP.180.111.AP.001

BSP 180 RL A-P (B002341, BSP.180.111.AP.001, Hegla 31-5060-4211) includes Aluminum baseplate, 180mm NBR Black Suction Cup, 20 x 175mm Suspension Bolt, Clamping Clip, A-P Suspension (articulation piece, rubber joint and back plate), and Blind plug for flow restriction

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Lead Time 3-4 weeks
  • Item: Complete Suction Cup Assembly
  • euroTech part #: B002341
  • euroTECH drawing #: BSP.180.111.AP.001
  • Hegla part #: 31-5060-4211
  • Baseplate: M003207, BSPS.01.004
  • Articulation piece: M003460, BSPS.02.001
  • Rubber joint for A-P: M003474, BSPS.03.001.01
  • Back plate for A-P: M003479, BSPS.04.001
  • Suspension Bolt: M003568, BSPS.06.100
  • Suction Cup: M004229, BSPS.10.175
  • Clampling Clip: M004737, BSPS.11.002
  • Blind Plug: B004616, BSPS.20.087.04

More Information

More Information

The euroTECH Suction Cup Assembly BSP 180 RL A-P includes an Aluminum baseplate, a 180mm NBR Black Suction Cup with Clamping Clip, a Suspension Bolt Ø 20 x 175 mm with M20 outside thread, A-P Suspension (articulation piece, rubber joint and removable back plate), and a Blind Plug for flow restriction.

The articulation piece between the baseplate and suspension bolt provides 10° pivoting all around. As a result, this Suction Cup Assembly will adapt itself to the curvature of thin material. Quick and cost-saving exchange of the suction cup is made possible by means of a clamping clip.

Used by Hegla.

Industry All
Style Flat
Shape Round
Material NBR Black
Includes Suction Cup Complete Assembly
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