euroTECH Bellows Suction Cup BSC 50 FL (Silicone)

M002658 BSC.
euroTECH Suction Cup BSC 50 FL (M002658, BSC., translucent silicone, 2.5 bellows, 50mm diameter.
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  • euroTECH part #: M002658
  • euroTECH drawing #: BSC.
  • Wemhöner article number (new): 21326
  • Style: Bellows
  • Number of folds: 2.5
  • Diameter: 50 mm
  • Stroke: 3.00 mm
  • Material: Translucent Silicone
  • Shore hardness: 50 Shore
  • Temperature resistance: -30 / +200°C
  • Carrying capacity (vertical): 5 Kg
  • Carrying capacity (horizontal): 11 Kg
  • Attachment: Roll-on

More Information

More Information

This bellows suction cup is held onto the aluminum Baseplate by inherent strength, and can be exchanged quickly and cost efficiently by simply rolling it off and on.

This is considered an elastic bellows suction cup having a small inner volume and entire surface support.

Several connecting nipples are available. The suction cup is often used in press equipment to handle surface paper sheets, and is suitable for work pieces with a flat and smooth surface (especially work pieces such as decor paper, laminate and veneer).
Available in Silicone, NBR white or NBR gray

Industry All
Style Bellows
Shape Round
Material Clear Silicone
Baseplate Included No
Machines N/A
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