Moeller Auxiliary Contact Module 11DILE (2052880)

Moeller Auxiliary Contact Module 11DILE with Interlocked Opposing Contacts, 2-pole, 1 N/O, 1 N/C
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Lead Time 1-2 weeks

The contact code number provides useful information of the relay. It refers to the total number of N.O. contacts (1st digit) and N.C. contacts (2nd digit) found on the device. Adding both digits will result in the total number of contacts.

Moeller auxiliary contacts commonly used with Wemhöner presses include:

  • NHI11-PK20
  • NHI11-PK22
  • 04 DILE
  • 11 DILE
  • 13 DILE
  • 22 DILE
  • 31 DILE
  • 01SDILM
  • 11SDILM

More Information

More Information

Franz Klöckner founded a switchgear production company in Cologne, Germany. Hein Moeller joined the firm in 1911, becoming its chief engineer and sole director. Klöckner-Moeller as a company name was established in the 1930's. In 1999, the company celebrated its centenary and changed it's name from Klöckner-Moeller to Moeller. In 2008, the US-American Eaton Corporation acquired 100 percent of the shares in the Moeller Group.

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