Italpresse Radio Frequency Generator

Radio Frequency Generator

Radio Frequency Generator
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To glue plywood or solid wood bending, having the following features:

  1. TRANSFORMER WITH HIGH VOLTAGE OUTPUT adjustable in 5 positions to adapt the generator to different kinds of job.
  2. SILICIUM DIODE BRIDGE: constant through time, cooling fans between diodes to cool down the heat; electric resistance for protection against short circuit.
  3. CENTRIFUGAL FAN: for the best cooling of the triode, studied just for high frequency generators.
  4. VARIABLE ANODIC CONDENSER: it allows a better anodic power adjustment, so to adapt the generator to different kinds of job. Motorized control.
  5. HIGH FREQUENCY OUTPUT: the high frequency is transferred through a shielded cable, directly to the piece without any leakage.
  6. WORKING CYCLE TIMER: it allows to set the proper high frequency cycle time.
  7. OSCILLATING CIRCUIT of the high frequency generator. Device with a very high efficiency controlled by amperometers and thermostat to keep always the right value of the generator.


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