Italpresse Fully Automatic Through Feed Press Mark/C Total Control with Scanner

Mark/C Total Control

Fully Automatic Through Feed Press - Model Mark/C Total Control with Scanner
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FULLY AUTOMATIC PRESS LINE, with no need of any input from the operators. The press self-adjusts based on the panels sizes and positioning on the lay-up belt, and the operators can focus on panel lay-up operations without worrying about panel positioning and pressure setting.

An automatic optical scanning device reads the dimensions and position of each panel on the loading belt. These data are immediately sent to the master computer control that automatically calculates how to set the hydraulic pressure of each press cylinder independently in order to grant a specific pressure on the pressed panels, without any input from the operator.

A special color graphic monitor shows how the panels are positioned inside the press, and displays the hydraulic pressure of each pressure cylinder in real time.

An electronic axis control on the cylinders grants a constant parallelism and flatness of the press platens, and allows to set and monitor the working thickness, which the press will respect precisely. This operation mode is very helpful in case of soft, delicate or weak materials or when the thickness tolerances of the product are strict.

The lines model “MARK/C TOTAL CONTROL” are available with different sizes and pressures , and may be completed with material handling devices of all kinds.

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