Italpresse Combination Press for Flat and Membrane Pressing Trans-Former


Combination Press for Flat and Membrane Pressing - Model Trans-Former
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FLAT PRESSING: MAIN FEATURES- Platen size mm. 2500x1300
- Opening mm. 400
- Loading side mm. 2500
- Electric platens
- Total pressure tonn. 105
- Hydraulic power Kw. 2,2
- n.6 cylinders diameter mm. 85
- Platen heating power Kw. 16,4
- Max working temperature ºC 130
- Pressure gauge with automatic pressure recovery
- Two hands safety closing control
- Rack and pinion flatness control

3-D MEMBRANE PRESSING: MAIN FEATURES:- Loading tray running on rail and casters
- Loading side mm. 1300
- Top aluminum frame removable with quick locking system
- Bottom frame on loading tray
- Tilting tray rack for space saving when not in use
- Vacuum pump
- Vacuum tank
- Air pressure switches and vacuum switches
- Automatic adjustment of hydraulic pressure according with set air pressure
- PLC controlled cycle
- Inside frame dimensions mm. 2380x1180
- Maximum thickness mm. 55
- Vacuum pump power Kw. 0,75
- Specific pressure Kg./cmq. 3+1


Computerized control to set and monitor all pressing parameters


- Second tray on opposite end of the press
- MEMBRANE FRAME for 3-D veneer pressing
- TEFLON COATED TRAY, for pre-glued foils

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