HAWE Radial Piston Pump Element PE 6

PE 6
HAWE Radial Piston Pump Element PE 6 with 700 bar, .21cm^3 piston displacement. 50mm wide, 31.7mm height.
Non-Stocking Item
Lead Time 5-6 weeks
Features and benefits:
  • Pressure: 700 Bar
  • High level of efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Max. 14 separate pressure outlets
  • Available from the modular product range as a hydraulic power pack with valve banks

Intended applications:
  • Press construction
  • Jig construction
  • Testing and laboratory devices
  • Lubricating systems

More Information

More Information
Description . It is the basic module of all HAWE radial piston pumps which is also available as individual unit. This way, by utilizing appropriate drive components (rocker arm for manual operation, eccenters for drive shafts) high pressure pumps can be designed which will be compatible with the local operating needs and space requirements. The most common drive is a motor via a rotating shaft. The rotary motion is convert- ed to a reciprocating movement via a roller bearing mounted eccentrically on the motor shaft, and a return spring. The outer race of the bearing acts directly on the back of the piston. The delivery flow is controlled by automatic suction and pressure valves peened in the housing. The direction of delivery will not be changed if the sense of rotation of the shaft is altered. The pump element can be used for all kind of applications as long as the pressure ratings are observed (see table below).Most common applications are machine tools where several pump elements are arranged around a power take-off shaft and used for supplying pressure oil to the clamping devices for tools and machine components (tailstock, columns, table, spindle box) or to the jigs used for clamp- ing work; laboratory-type table presses for compression and tensile test samples; e.g. pump element driven via a hand lever, etc.
Pump Category Hydraulic
Pump Make Hawe
Pump Type Radial Piston Pumps
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