HAWE Pressure Switch DT 11-250

DT 11-250
Pressure switches close or open electrical contacts when under pressure
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Lead Time 3-4 weeks
  • Pressure Range: 0-250 Bar
  • Accuracy 1% of Pressure range
  • Pressure peak resistant due capillary dampening system
  • 0.6 mm (CDS) extreme vibration proof
  • High long term stability

More Information

More Information

These Pressure Switches are used to issue an electrical switching command or signal for further operations when a predefined pressure value is reached. Different versions (with pressure setting on an adjusting knob, main and secondary switch, screw-on pressure switch) enable their use in a wide range of applications.

A design-related difference (hysteresis) of 8... 20% is to be expected between the upper and lower switching point in piston-type pressure switches.

In contrast to this, the type DG5E and DG6 electronic pressure switches provide the option to select two independent pressure switching points and/or program or adjust the hysteresis. Type DT is an analogous pressure sensor.

Electro-hydraulic pressure switches are devices which close or open electrical contacts when pressurized (DIN ISO 1219-1). They are usually used for all applications where a electrical signal should be triggered whenever the set pressure is achieved or exceeded. This signal may be utilized to start a subsequent operation cycle (operation of a solenoid actuated directional valve) or to stop an operation cycle (cut-off of the pump drive, idle position of a solenoid actuated directional valve).

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