HAWE Compact Hydraulic Power Pack HC

HAWE Compact Hydraulic Power Pack HCW with 3-phase motor, Pmax 700 bar, Qmax 4.4 lpm
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Features and benefits:
  • Long lifetime and high pressures due to use of radial piston pumps
  • Low oil fill volumes make it environmentally sound thanks to small amount of oil to be disposed of and low costs for hydraulic fluid
  • Coordinated range of valves and accessories from modular system
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal installation

Intended applications:
  • Clamping systems on machine tools and jigs
  • Rivets and clinching equipment
  • Welding robots

More Information

More Information

Compact hydraulic power packs are a type of hydraulic power pack. They are characterized by a highly compact design, since the motor shaft of the electric motor also acts as the pump shaft.

The ready-for-connection compact hydraulic power pack type HC and HCW include an electric drive which runs in oil. The stator is securely attached to the housing (tank). The compact hydraulic power pack is suitable for hydraulic systems with operating mode S2 or S3. The heat is dissipated via surface convection so that no external cooler is usually necessary.

A radial piston pump or external gear pump can be used as a hydraulic pump.

The compact hydraulic power pack type type HC and HCW is suitable as a highly compact control system, since connection blocks and valve banks can be directly mounted.

Pump Category Hydraulic
Pump Make Hawe
Pump Type Hydraulic Power Packs
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