HAWE Axial Piston Pump V30D-115 LDN-1-0-02

V30D-115 LDN-1-0-02
HAWE Axial Piston Pump V30D-115 LDN-1-0-02 with 115 Vg, 250 bar, 2000 max speed, rotates counter-clockwise, NBR seal material. 434mm length, 283mm height, 196mm width.
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Lead Time 5-6 weeks

Pressure: 250 Bar

Counter clockwise rotation

Spline shaft

Standard NBR seals

Features and benefits:

■ Low noise emissions

■ Wide range of controllers

■ Full torque available at the second pump in tandem pump applications

Intended applications:

■ Machines for forestry and agricultural purposes

■ Cranes and lifting equipment

■ Presses

■ Municipal trucks

More Information

More Information
Description A thru-shaft is optionally available to enable the connection of additional variable displacement pumps or an auxiliary pump. In this context, type V30E represents a design according to the most recent findings in pump design. Above all this concerns the optimised self-suction speed, reduced noise emissions and pulsation, increased service life and significantly reduced weight. A wide range of controllers (modular principle) offers the user a wide range of application possibilities.
Pump Category Hydraulic
Pump Make Hawe
Pump Type Axial Piston Pumps
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