euroTECH Suction Cup Assembly BSP 110 R R-K NBR Black


euroTECH NBR Black Suction Cup Assembly BSP 110 R R-K (BSP.110.111.RK.000) with 110mm diameter, 300mm height. Suction Cup articulates 10 degrees on all sides.

Non-Stocking Item
Lead Time 3-4 weeks
  • Diameter: 110 mm
  • Suspension bolt 20 x 300mm
  • Carrying capacity (vertical): 25 Kg
  • Carrying capacity (horizontal): 51 Kg
  • Replacement Seal: BSPS.10.001
  • Clamping Clip: BSPS.11.001
  • euroTECH article # BSP.110.111.RK.000
  • Special discounts available for ordering larger quantities. Please contact us for a quote.

More Information

More Information

Suction plate type BSP 110 R, R-K NBR black,Ø 110 mm, with seal in NBR black and mountedsuspension bolt Ø 20 x 300 mm with M20 outsidethread. The connecting nipple 1/4" x 12 is mountedsideways into the aluminum Baseplate. Therubber seal is secured onto the Baseplate by means of a clamping clip. Used by Hegla.

The groove rubbersupport prevents a deformation of the material. As a resultof the articulation piece between the Baseplate and thesuspension bolt (10° to all sides), the Baseplate will adaptitself to the curvature of the thin material. Quick and costsavingexchange of the seal by means of the clamping clip.

Industry All
Style Flat
Shape Round
Material NBR Black
Includes Suction Cup Complete Assembly
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