euroTECH Suction Cup Assembly BSP 110 R R-K 20 x 84


Suction Cup Assembly (B002155,BSP.109.241.RK.005) 110mm silicone suction cup, aluminum baseplate, 20 x 84mm suspension bolt. Wemhöner # 108260

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Lead Time 3-5 weeks
  • euroTECH part #: B002155
  • euroTECH drawing #: BSP.109.241.RK.005
  • Baseplate: Pressmaster, G 1/8"
  • Suction Cup: 110 mm, translucent silicone, Roll-on
  • Suspension bolt: 20 x 84mm (galvanized steel, bored for split pin)
  • Carrying capacity (vertical): 48 Kg
  • Carrying capacity (horizontal): 97 Kg
  • Overall height: 115.5 mm
  • Weight: 0.766 kg
  • Includes 1/4"-12 mm hose nipple, pressure spring, castle nut and split pin
  • Wemhöner # 108260

More Information

More Information

Suction Cup Assembly BSP 110 R, R-K Ø 110 mm suction cup in translucent silicone to roll up onto the Pressmaster Baseplate, suspension bolt Ø 20 x 84 mm with M20 x 1.5 outside thread, Baseplate R-K version with connecting nipple G1/4" x 12 as vacuum connection, a hose nipple for a size 12 vacuum hose is mounted collateral. includes spring, castle nut and split pin.

Articulated construction

Suitable for parts with a plane surface

Industry All
Style Flat
Shape Round
Material Clear Silicone
Includes Suction Cup Complete Assembly
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