euroTECH Bellows Suction Cup BSC 42 E 2.5 folds (Silicone)

euroTECH translucent silicone Suction Cup BSC 42 E (BSC. with 42mm diameter, 46mm height.
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  • Diameter: 42 mm
  • Carrying capacity (vertical): 4 Kg
  • Carrying capacity (horizontal): 8 Kg
  • euroTECH article # BSC.
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More Information

More Information

This type of bellow suction cup with 2.5 bellows is for universal use.

Also suitable for curved, smooth surfaces. Good height compensation due to the 2.5 bellows. Useful for installation in automatic stacking systems and palletises. Suitable connecting nipples can be found on the following pages.

All Seals are available in Silicone, NBR Black and NBR Gray

Due to the elasticity and the 2.5 fold, these seals can adapt themselves optimally to the surface of the work piece and compensate differences in height optimally. The seals are simply plugged onto the connection nipples allowing a fast and cost efficient exchange.

Areas of application:These seals for bellow suction cups are suitable for universal applications. Primarily these seals are used in stacking lines, palletizing robots and picking systems

Industry All
Style Bellows
Shape Round
Material Clear Silicone
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