euroTECH Baseplate BSP 160 R R-K Pressmaster

M003301 BSPS.01.108
euroTECH aluminum Baseplate BSP 160 R R-K Pressmaster (M003301, BSPS.01.108) 137.7mm diameter, 27.5mm height, G 1/4” diameter inside thread for vacuum connection.
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  • euroTECH part #: M003301
  • euroTECH part #: (Old) BSPS.01.108
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More Information

More Information

Aluminum baseplate BSP 160 R R-K Pressmaster, G1/4" inside thread for vacuum connection, suitable for R-K suspension and new Pressmaster roll-on style suction cups

Suitable Seals:

  • BSPS.10.182
  • BSPS.10.183
  • BSPS.10.184
  • BSPS.10.387
  • BSPS.10.320
  • BSPS.10.372

The vacuum connection is collateral in the Baseplate with a G ¼“ inside thread. The suction cup is rolled onto the baseplate and its residual stress will keep it in place. If it wears out, the seal can be replaced quickly.

Suitable suspensions:

  • BSPS.06.004
  • BSPS.06.074
  • BSPS.06.006
  • BSPS.06.093
  • BSPS.06.011
  • BSPS.06.106
  • BSPS.06.016
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Baseplate Included Yes
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