DOTEC® (DOTEC) high-tech materials are suitable for Mechanical and Plant Engineering, Rubber, Plastics and Metal Industry applications.

Please request a quotation from us, as this material must be custom cut to your specifications. 

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  • Good mechanical strength
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Good temperature stability
  • Low heat conductivity
  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • Chemical resistance
  • Suitable for clean rooms (glass-bound mica material)

More Information

More Information

DOTEC materials have a quasi-isotropic laminate structure based on glass, phenolic or silicate resin. The individual variants differ in terms of their temperature stability, heat conductivity, electrical insulation values, water absorption and manufacturing costs, depending on which resin and carrier material act as the basis. The choice of this material, mica, glass or aramid fibers, in turn influences the mechanical strength, setting behavior, electrical insulation and also the design-based degrees of freedom when it comes to custom-made parts.

Insulating Material Cross Reference:

DOTEC 350 is a direct replacement for Brandenburger MP

DOTEC 200 (37.88 kB)
DOTEC 280 (38.15 kB)
DOTEC 350 (54.06 kB)
DOTEC 500 M (38.83 kB)
DOTEC 600 (38.89 kB)
DOTEC 800 M (44.35 kB)
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