DOGLIDE® (DOGLIDE) sliding and wearing materials are suitable for Mechanical and Plant Engineering, Rubber, Plastics and Glass Industry applications.

Please request a quotation from us, as this material must be custom cut to your specifications. 

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  • Good friction and sliding properties
  • High wear resistance (with polyimide as a binder system)
  • High temperature stability

More Information

More Information

DOGLIDE is the name for our sliding and wearing materials for industrial applications. Phenolic resin, graphite and polyimide are used as resin and binding systems. Acrylic fabrics and aramid fibers serve as carrier materials. It is the case here too that the resin system determines properties such as temperature stability, machinability, friction and sliding properties, wear, as well as manufacturing costs. The carrier materials define the layer/laminate structure, responsible for mechanical strength, setting behavior and design-based degrees of freedom on custom-made parts.

Insulating Material Cross Reference:

DOGLIDE DBG200 is a direct replacement for Brandenburger BL 20/1

DOGLIDE DBG260 is a direct replacement for Brandenburger BL 20

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