cosTherm 4000 A

cosTherm 4000 A

cosTherm 4000 A by ISOCOS, Operating temperature (short term): 250 °C, Compressive strength (at 23 °C): 120 N/mm2

Please request a quotation from us, as this material must be custom cut to your specifications. 

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  • Operating temperature (short term): 250 °C
  • Operating temperature (long term): 200 °C
  • Compressive strength (at 23 °C): 120 N/mm2
  • Compressive strength (at 200 °C): 90 N/mm2

More Information

More Information

cosTherm 4000 A is an insulation material based on glass fiber reinforced resin. The optimized combination of first-class raw materials and ribbing on the surface give cosTherm 4000 A its outstanding insulation effect.

cosTherm 4000 A is used as outer surface insulation at heated plants and machineries. Particularly companies of the plastics and rubber industry use cosTherm 4000 A to insulate heated presses, tools and molds.

Plates, pre-cut and machined parts are available (according to drawings).

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