Busse Kombi E Anodized Electric Heating Plates

KOMBI-E busse
Busse Kombi E anodized electric heating plates for Bürkle, Ott, Höfer, Joos or Italpresse veneer presses in sizes from 1500 x 800 mm up to 3500 x 1350 mm.
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Almost 90% of all new machines are equipped with anodized heating plates. The anodized finish is available in either silver or gold color.

Busse electric heating plates have been a elementary component of veneer presses for more than 20 years now. You, as user, know only too well: you can only impress your customers with high-quality products if you use faultless heating plates.

It doesn't matter whether you have a veneer press from Bürkle, Ott, Höfer, Joos or Italpresse: we produce electric heating plates in all the desired dimensions for every type of press. In an overlying and underlying design or as self-supporting intermediate heating plate to further enhance your productivity. We offer a large number of standard sizes from 1500 x 800 mm up to 3500 x 1350 mm.

Every heating plate is manufactured individually for you and adapted to your press. They are characterized by an extremely long service life and easily compensate for small tolerances in the thickness of the material being pressed. You too can safely place your trust in the largest manufacturer of heating plates. Europe's press manufacturers have already done so.

More Information

More Information
Description Kombi E Features:
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • High surface hardness
  • Easy cleaning of the heating plates
  • Minimum use of stripping agents

General Features:
  • Absolutely flat pressing surfaces. No rivets and screws, so oversized pressed parts are no problem.
  • Short heat-up period, ready for operation in next to no time. Approx. 100°C reached in 8 – 12 minutes
  • Low power consumption thanks to very good thermal conductivity
  • Even temperature distribution across the entire pressing surface
  • Short work cycles of approx. 3 minutes
  • Long-lasting heating conductor system
  • The solid insulating plate construction is resistant to high pressure and designed for optimum pressure transfer in all press types
  • Spring-loaded suspensions
  • Various types of pressing surface
  • Special designs for handling solid surfaces
  • All non-standard sizes, hotplates or other products on request
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