PRESSTHERM® (PRESSTHERM) heated press material is suitable for the Woodworking and derived Timber Products industries.

This material will be custom cut to your specifications.

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  • High temperature pressure resistance
  • Low heat conductivity
  • Chemical resistance

More Information

More Information
Features & Benefits

PRESSTHERM materials are based on phenolic, epoxide, polyimide or silicon resin as a binder system. This is decisive for the respective temperature stability, chemical resistance and heat conductivity, electrical insulation values, fire protection classes and manufacturing costs. On the other hand, temperature pressure resistance and setting behavior depend on the carrier materials, which also dictate whether the composite is structured as a layer/laminate or quasi isotropically. In the manufacturing process, therefore, only very high-quality prepregs (preimpregnated fibers) are used to achieve particularly high-end and long-lasting materials.

Insulating Material Cross Reference:

     PRESSTHERM WD 20 is a direct replacement for Brandenburger BRA-GLA N

     PRESSTHERM WD 23-1 is a direct replacement for Brandenburger BRA-GLA 3

     PRESSTHERM WD 26 is a direct replacement for Brandenburger BRA-GLA Si

     PRESSTHERM GL is a direct replacement for Brandenburger GL - M and Elisto Thermostar HD 600

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