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Who we are
Systraplan is located in Herford, Germany. You can visit our corporate web site at
What we do
Sysatraplan specializes in material handling and storage engineering.
About the company
Sysatraplan truly focuses on the customers needs. They develop concepts and put them into practice, enabling customers to concentrate entirely on their markets and products.

Since the company was founded in 1974, more than 70 qualified staff members have been serving the woodworking, furniture, glass, plastics, metal-working and rubber industries (e.g. tiremakers).

Most buyers are repeat customers who have been working in close cooperation with the company for many years.

Excellent references are proof of SYSTRAPLAN´s reliable business policies and high degree of technical competence.

Sysatraplan systems are always tailor made, exactly adapted to the given requirements - from a technical as well as a business management point of view.
  • HPL Storage and Picking Systems
  • Kitchen Worktop Storage
  • Full and Half size Board Storage Systems
  • High Bay Warehouse Storage Systems
  • Area Storage Systems
  • High Speed Feeding and Stacking Systems
  • Gantry Systems
  • Cross Cut, Gantry, Split, and Trim Saws
  • Edge Cleaning Machines
  • Stack Turnovers

ETK International Alliance member since 2005

The ETK International Alliance is comprised of select manufacturers, service providers and customers who work closely together to lower the overall cost of doing business and provide industry with the best possible products.
Product listing
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Foil Cross Cutting Machine QS-1.200
Foil Cutting Machine RS 1.700
Additonal Components
Area Storage
Automatic Tread Booking System
Connection to a Strapping Machine
Cooling Stars
Cross Feeding System
Data Input and System Control
Edge cleaning machine with scraping units
Full and half size boards
Fully automatic charging and discharging devices for presses
Gantry Systems
Granite Storage
Green Tire Loading System
High Speed Feeding and Stacking Systems
HPL Storage System
Kitchen Worktop Storage
Length Feeding System
Material Handling
Pushing System for Feeding
Rack Serve Carrier
Single Board w/ Stack
Squared Timber Automat
Squared Timber Feeding System
Squared Timber Stacking Unit
Stack Turnover
Stacking Box
Stand Alone Microwave Machine
Stripe Board Material
Stripe Board Material in Honeycomb Compartments
Timber Storage
Tire Storage
Warehouse Administration System
Here is an example of products you can expect from this Manufacturer:
Systraplan Warehouse Administration System

The (software) application has a state of the art graphical screen interface. The user screens are clear, application orientated and easy to use – either by keyboard or by mouse. All information are stored in a standard database.

The personal computer is linked by a special interface with the PLC control system (e.g. Siemens S7, Allen Bradley). All tasks and handling orders will be executed by this system.

Data exchange with a higher ranking production planning and control system is possible via a local area network (LAN). The data transfer can be done e.g. by standard ASCII files. Normally, data about the handling jobs and status information about the equipment are transmitted. Such data could be stored, updated and retrieved on a central computer.

The software code is modular and will be adapted for each project to the specific mechanical design of the rack serve carrier and the organization structure of the client.