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CF Scheer & Cie
Who we are
CF Scheer & Cie is located in Stuttgart, Germany. You can visit our corporate web site at
What we do
For over 50 years CF Scheer has established a reputation as a brand for first-class woodworking equipment.
About the company
Hans Koch, Gmbh, owner of the CF Scheer & Cie woodworking line since 2008 is located in Wiernsheim, Germany. You can visit our corporate web site at

The Scheer product line is characterized by a comprehensive family of superb horizontal panel dividing saws, unique veneer cutting & trimming machinery and highly versatile dowel driving equipment.

Adherence to one simple principle, "From Production Floor Experience for the Production Floor Environment", has allowed Scheer to introduce such innovations as the vertical BC 2001 CNC-machining center, setting a milestone in ergonomics and efficiency.

Machinery products include:
  • Panel Saws
  • Angular Saws
  • Cross Cut Saws
  • Veneer Saws
  • CNC Drilling Machines
Product listing
View All CF Scheer & Cie Products
PA 5050P
DB 150
FM 19
PA 4136
PA 4137
PA 5500
PA 6000
PA 6004
PA 6012
PA 6050
PA 7000
PA 7004
PA 7012
WA 7005
WA 7007
Here is an example of products you can expect from this Manufacturer:
Scheer Panel Saw - PA 5500

The PA 5500 offers a massive machine bed with wear free saw carriage bearings. It has the perfect combination of a side aligner with a high precision material pusher. With its modular construction, it is the proven panel sizing saw for all cutting tasks.