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McLeod Belting
Who we are
McLeod Belting is located in Greensboro, NC. You can visit our corporate web site at
What we do
High-tech belting, fabrication, technical innovation, field services and on-site installation
About the company
Founded in 1919 by W.T. McLeod as a fabricator of flat leather belting and textile loom strapping, McLeod Belting has grown into an industry leader. High-tech belting, fabrication, technical innovation, field services and on-site installation are routine tasks for the Woodworking, Pharmaceutical and Graphics Arts industries.

Quality Goods Represented:
  • Habasit Belting - hegh tech transmission and specialty belting, tools and supplies.
  • Belt Concepts - PVC, RMV, and Polyurethane belts for conveyance of goods.
  • Chemprene - private label, plied rubber proprietary roll coverings and specialty belting.
  • Clipper Belt Lacer - mechanical belt fasteners, tools, and accessories.
  • Flexible Steel Lacing - mechanical belt fasteners, tools, cleats, guides, and accessories.
  • Gates Rubber - V-belts, timing belts, air and material handling hose.
  • Spiral-Link - private label supplied by various suppliers to our specifications.
  • Page Belting - premium quality leather, woven nylon, and urethane components.
  • Mantex Plastic and Rubber - spiral-wound roll coverings. European and United States manufactured, private label.
Product listing
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Power Transmission Belt
Here is an example of products you can expect from this Manufacturer:
Habasit Belt EMB-12EMCH

The Habasit Extraline forming, transfer or accelerator belts have been specifically developed to cope with the requirements of all the belt applications of the forming process. These processing belts are designed to run over live nosebars with high loads and long conveying distances. Their excellent stability and thickness precision over length and width enable manufacturing of very thin boards. The suitability for the use with highly sensitive metal detectors allows to protect the very expensive production equipment.