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Hawe Hydraulics
Who we are
Hawe Hydraulics is located in München, Germany. You can visit our corporate web site at
What we do
From a small Bavarian machine shop to one of the leading hydraulic manufacturers in Europe, HAWE Hydraulics has grown into a world leader in hydraulic solutions.
About the company
It was in 1949, in Munich, Germany, when engineer, Karl Heilmeier, and merchant, Wilhelm Weinlein, founded Heilmeier und Weinlein, Fabrik für Oelhydraulik GmbH & Co. KG. Their vision: To create specialized hydraulic solutions for industrial and mobile motion control problems. With their pioneering spirit and the decision to use steel as their material of choice, they rapidly conquered the marketplace and built a loyal customer following.

Today, our company is known as HAWE (pronounced Hä-vay') Hydraulics and is recognized throughout the world as a quality provider of all-steel-constructed, specialized hydraulic product solutions.

World Headquarters

With over 1000 employees in nine countries, HAWE products are distributed worldwide through more than 25 independent distribution partners.
Product listing
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2/2-, 3/2-, and 4/3-way directional valves type BVG 1 and BVP 1
2/2-, 3/2-, and 4/3-way seated valves type NBVP 16 with industrial standard connection pattern confo
2/2-way directional seated valves type EM and EMP
2/2-way seated screw-in valves type EM, EMP
2-way Flow control valves type SB, SQ and SJ
Air driven hydraulic pumps type LP
Check valves type B
Check valves type RK/RB, RC, RE, and ER
Clamping modules type SMD 2 and NSMD 2
Compact hydraulic power packs type HK, HKF, HKL
Directional seated valve bank type BVZP
Directional seated valves type BVG, BVE, BVP and NBVP
Directional seated valves type NV 8
Directional seated valves type VH, VHR and VHP
Directional seated valves type VZP
Directional seated valves type WN and WH
Directional spool valve type HSR(L), HSF, and HSL
Directional spool valve type NSWP 2
Directional spool valve type SW, SWP, NSWP, SWR, and SWS
Directional spool valve type SWPN
Directional spool valves type DL and DLS
Directional valve banks type BWN 1 and BWH
Drain valve type BR
Dual stage pump type RZ
Flow control valves type SE and SHE with electro-proportional actuation
Flow control valves type SF, SD, SK and SU
Flow control valves type TQ and TV
Hand pumps type H, HE, HD and DH
Hawe Connection blocks type A, B and C
Hawe Directional spool valve banks type SKP and SKH
Hawe Directional spool valve type SG and SP
Hawe Flow control valve Type S, 2 way controller
Hawe Flow control valve Type S, 3 way controller
Hawe Hydraulic Pump R Series
Hawe Hydraulic Valve Type G Size 1
Hawe Hydraulic Valve Type G Size 2
Hawe Hydraulic Valve Type G Size 22
Hawe Hydraulic Valve Type G Size 3
Hawe Hydraulic Valve Type G Size 4
Hawe Insert Check Valve Type ER
Hawe lifting/lowering valve Type HSZ and HZV
Hawe Miniature hydraulic accumulators type AC
Hawe Pre Fill Valves Type F
Hawe Pressure Reducing Valve ADM
Hawe Pressure Switch Type DG2
Hawe Pressure switch Type DG3
Hawe Pressure Valve DMV
Hawe Pressure Valve Type MV
Hawe Pressure Valve Type SV
Hawe Restrictor valve Type ED
Hawe Restrictor valve Type RD
Hawe Servo Suction/return control valve type N
Hawe Shut off Valve Type DSV
Hawe Throttle Valve RD
Hawe Throttle Valve Type AV
Hawe Throttle Valve Type AVM8
Hawe Throttle valve Type ED
Hudraulic Non-piloted miniature pressure reducing valves type ADC, ADM, ADME, and AM
Hydraulic clamps type HSE and HSA
Idle circulation valve type CNE 2
InLine variable displacement axial piston pump type V60N
Line rupture safety valve type LB
Load holding valves type LHK, LHDV, and LHT
Miniature proportional pressure reducing valves type PM
Orifices and restrictor check valves type EB, BE, BC
Piloted pressure limiting valves type DV, AS etc.
Pressure controlled shut-off valves type DSV and CDSV
Pressure limiting valves type CMV and CSV
Pressure reducing valves type CDK, DK, and DZ
Programmable logical valve control type PLVC
Prop. Directional spool valve type PSL and PSV
Proportional pressure limiting valves type PMV and PDV
Proportional pressure reducing valves type PDM
Releasable check valves type HRP
Releasable check valves type RH and DRH
Screw-in flow valves type BSE, QSE and MSE
Sequence valves with check valve type VR
Shock and double shock valves Type BMVE and BMVD
Shut-off valves type DA and EA
Shut-off valves, series AVT and AVM
Shuttle valves type WV and WVC
Switch-off valves type LV and ALZ
Throttle valves type Q, QR, QV and FG
Throttle/shut-off valves type AV, AVT and CAV
Two-stage valves type NE
Variable displacement axial piston pumps type V30
Here is an example of products you can expect from this Manufacturer:
Hawe Hydraulics Valve Type G Size 2
They are designed as spring returned ball seated valves. All valves are G 24 Volt. All other voltages please contact. The valve elements are forced into their respective switching position against the spring force and fluid pressure by various actuation elements via an elbow lever acting on a pin. A strainer insert in the inlet port prevents the entry of coarse contamination. The fluid ducts end as holes with O-ring seals at the ground, bottom surface of the valve body. Pipes may be connected either via customer furnished connection blocks or sub-plates (for individual valves with sub-plates see sect. 5 or for valve banks see D 7302). These valves do not show any leakage in blocked switching position. Reliable shifting is ensured, as these valves are designed as ball seated valves where there is no seizing or sticking in working position under full pressure. The leverage between actuation and valve element ensures low actuation forces and smooth shifting. To avoid interaction, most of these directional control valves are available with check valve inserts and return pressure stops or orifice inserts to limit the inflow of oil. Individual valves with sub-plate, enabling direct pipe connection, may be equipped with a by-pass check valve, a pressure limiting valve, or a rectifier circuit by means of check valves.