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Who we are
FIMA is located in Oberfischach, Germany. You can visit our corporate web site at
What we do
Providing blowers, compressors, centrifige dryers, and bottom valves since 1946
About the company
From it's humble beginnings in Oberfischach, near Schwäbisch Hall, FIMA evolved into a high-tech, highly specialized manufacturer of fluid flow and process technology.

The fluid flow technology division develops and delivers customized fans and compressors for every industry.

Certified expert welders deftly handle special material requirements such as:
  • Fine grained structural steel
  • Heat treatable steel
  • Austenistic steel
  • Duplex steel
  • Nickel-based materials
  • Titanium
  • Aluminium
FIMA is equipped with modern and efficient balancing machines cabable of handling rotor weights from 1 kg up to 2000 kg and rotor lenghts up to 3000 mm. All possible components, especially impellers, are balanced in-house.

The core of the mechanical workshop is the 3-axis-controlled head lathe with actuated tooling (diameter 2200 mm), as well as multiple CNC, drilling and milling machines.

Prior to leaving the production facility, every machine is thoroughly tested at the FIMA test field. Performance tests at the frequency converter of up to 315 kW are possible. A vacuum chamber is also available for overspeed tests.

Non-destruction material tests such as Dye penetration, Magnetic particle, and Ultrasonic testing are performed by trained collaborators.
Product listing
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Centrifugal Fan
Here is an example of products you can expect from this Manufacturer:
FIMA Centrifugal Fan

Assured safety through gas-tight and pressure-resistant casings

Conveying and compressing explosive or hazardous process gases imposes special requirements as the design and the safety aspects of the fans.

FIMA is one of the leading manufacturers of gas-tight and pressure-resistant centrifugal fans for highly demanding applications. The fans are designed and manufactured on the basis of the applicable national and international standards and regulations as well as many years of experience in this area.

The use of standardised subassemblies in connection with custom designs permits safe operation at high temperatures and system pressures. Resistance against corrosion and abrasive materials is ensured through specially selected high quality materials and surface coatings.

Centrifugal fans from FIMA are used in the areas of chemistry, environment engineering and the textile industry among many others.

Performance range of gas-tight and pressure resistant centrifugal fans from FIMA:

  • System pressures ranging from vacuum to 100 bar
  • Temperatures from -150°C to +700°C
  • Volume flow rates from 20 m³/h to 200,000 m³/h
  • Max. pressure ratio up to 2 - referred to air at ambient conditions, single-stage
  • Conveying of explosive, corrosive and abrasive gas mixtures
  • Rotor speed up to 8000 rpm with coupling/belt drives and up to 20,000 rpm with gear
  • Drive power up to 2000 kW